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Frequently Asked Questions Lacrosse

What is Box Out?

Box Out is box lacrosse played outdoors on turf. It is a one of a kind tournament that caters to lacrosse players of all ages.

How are there rinks on the turf?

We bring them in and have them installed.

What is so great about box lacrosse?

Ask anyone who has played it. It’s fun…really fun. You get more opportunities to touch the ball in box lacrosse. The pace is about as fast as it gets even if the skill level isn’t the highest.

What makes box lacrosse so popular for skill development?

Six of the top eight goal scorers in NCAA history are Canadians. Canadians play box lacrosse all summer. Playing in confined space on smaller goals augments skill development dramatically. Playing a few games of box will make playing field seem easy. Playing in a box tournament is a GREAT tune up for a field tournament.

What divisions are there?

We plan on having youth, middle school, high school, college, post college, and the same for women as well.

What is the cost?

$600 to $650 per team (depending on where the tournament is loacated) to play four games. $1200 to play both days.

How many games do you get?

You will be guaranteed four box lacrosse games. The pace is significantly faster than a field game so a half hour is actually a lot of lacrosse.

How old do you have to be?

7 or 75. It doesn't matter. If there is enough interest to fill a division, then you are good to go.

I don’t want to run too much.

The field dimensions are roughly 45 yards by 25 yards. This game is perfect for older players!! Get your old college buddies together and square off against old rivals!

Our goalie isn't too excited about getting pelted at close range, help?

We offer the option (for the entire division) to play with a slightly lighter "sponge" lacrosse ball. This ball plays very similar to a regular ball, and it doesn't hurt the goalies. This is a great option for our women's divisions.

How big are the goals?

4' x 4'

Where should I stay during the Box Out Summer Lacrosse Camp or Summer, Fall Lacrosse Tournament?

We have obtained blocks of rooms at the following hotels for the Box Out Summer Lacrosse Camp AND the Box Out Summer Lacrosse Tournament:

Courtyard Marriot at Yale - 203-777-6221

Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale - 203-974-6721

If you say you are attending either Box Out Lacrosse event, you will get the group rate.

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