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REESE STADIUM - Built in 1981

Ellen Vagelos Field

Built in 1981 to serve as the home of Yale’s lacrosse program, Reese stadium received new lights and a state-of-the-art artificial turf during the first phase of renovations that concluded in 2007. The turf makes it possible to schedule practices and games in any weather. The recently completed second phase of renovations created air-conditioned team rooms, an enhanced press box and VIP seating area, the Kempner Family Plaza, and expanded bleachers that can accommodate up to 1,450 fans

In their design of the facility, Centerbrook Architects and Planners aimed to create a stadium that would serve the student-athletes and integrate well with the surrounding Yale Bowl and Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center. The structure uses the same barrel vaults and arches found on facades of the other two buildings.

Reese Stadium features a monofilament Field Turf surface. It is an all weather surface that plays the same wet as it does dry.

BOX OUT RINKS (Portable box rinks)
Box out uses state of the art portable box rinks. These rinks sit on the turf of Reese Stadium and will serve as the boundaries for the play. ALL of the games take place in the stadium. As a spectator, you will never have to move as you watch ALL EIGHT rinks playing at once. The rinks will have boundary netting to keep the ball in play. You've never played in anything like this before. Don't miss your chance to play.

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